In Pewaukee, wintertime is beautiful. Cold weather brings the best things in Wisconsin: it ushers in the hunting season and lakes freeze over to prepare for ice skating. The holidays are here, and if you’re a purist, you don’t start decorating for the holidays until after Thanksgiving! So, mark your calendar, you only have a little less than a week until you can officially start decorating your apartment! There are many fun things to decorate; you can add a decorative wreath to your door, and inside put up a tree or your menorah. The best decorations, however, are the ones the whole apartment complex can enjoy! Decorating your outdoor balcony will bring holiday cheer to everyone.

Holiday ideas for your outdoor balcony

Decorate with tiny trees

Create height and depth on your balcony with different sized trees — real or fake. Place them on your patio furniture or ground, to create eye-catching depth. You can then decorate them how you see fit — beautiful ornaments, twinkle lights, fun faux fur — there are so many ways to dress your balcony up.

Be traditional

Dazzle your neighbors and complex with a simple, yet stunning take on the holidays. Use garland of tree greens and place it methodically around the rim of your balcony. On the side that people see, drape three garlands in a semi-circle fashion. Top off the garland with beautiful red bows in perfect symmetry across the top.

Try a theme

Try out a holiday theme you enjoy. It can be as simple as The Nutcracker, with nutcrackers placed around on patio furniture and tables, or a colored theme. If you love frosty blues and whites with a hint of gold for the holidays, find pieces that fit that theme. It could be white twinkle lights, with blue hand ornaments and gold bells. Or have fun with a holiday movie theme like Home Alone, A Christmas Story, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Decorate with flowers

Flowers aren’t probably the first holiday decorations that come to mind, but they add an alluring aliveness to a, sometimes drab, plant season. Poinsettias come in the traditional red or white, or you could jazz your balcony up with a pink one! If you’re not into poinsettias, you can always go to your local nursery and find a couple flowers you do like, or go to a hobby store and get fake ones — less maintenance!

Go rustic

If you like a rustic charm, decorate your balcony with a lantern, wood logs, and a copious amount of white candles! Give it an extra inviting touch, with shearling chair covers and extra-soft blankets.

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