As winter sets in around our Prairie Grass apartment complex and surroundings, we can all feel the excitement (and cold) of everything the season has to bring. Holiday parties and ringing in the new year are always a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends. This might be the first year your hosting a get-together (which makes sense, considering all the space and room our luxury Pewaukee apartments have to offer). It could also be that you’re a seasoned pro at hosting events, no matter the space or the occasion. But whether for you or your friendly neighbor, it’s always great to go over some etiquette tips for throwing parties in an apartment complex.

Luckily at Prairie Grass Living, our apartments have the tranquility and peace you crave, set against a woodland backdrop with a beautiful trail. No matter the occasion, you can trust that our residents reflect the greater respect and etiquette our apartment complex has as a whole. However, it’s still a good idea to review some things (especially if you feel like Aunt Marge is not going to be quite as mellow towards the end of the evening).

Take a look at some of our apartment etiquette tips, and contact Prairie Grass Living to experience the best apartment living experience in Pewaukee!

Watch the volume.

Playing music is practically a party essential—and it goes without saying that your holiday parties should absolutely blast some classic Dean Martin and Nat King Cole tunes. And when we say “blast,” we mean “play at a reasonable level that respects those around you.” Other apartment tenants might also be trying to host a party, or perhaps enjoy some quiet time to themselves. For some, the holidays can be a relatively somber time—whether due to working holiday shifts or not getting a chance to spend time with family, being mindful of the needs of others is essential.

Keep a pulse on your party situation, and be conscious of when things start to get too loud. To go the extra mile, you can check in with your neighbors beforehand and let them know you’ll be having people over. Let them know that they can talk to you if things get too loud—this is often the preemptive way to deal with the classic “we got the cops called on us” situation. If people know what’s going on, they’ll likely be more receptive to the respect you’re trying to show.

Bonus: If things ended up getting a bit too loud and you’re feeling slightly bad for your neighbors, write a note to thank them for their patience (and include some extra desserts from the party!)

Check your steps.

One of the most classic complaints that people have about their neighbors in an apartment complex is hearing upstairs footsteps. Creaky floorboards and loud, heavy walking are not super conducive to having a peaceful and relaxing day—and those footsteps always seem loudest when you’re trying to sleep.

Fix the situation by taking shoes off on the regular, and potentially have your guests do the same. A late morning brunch might not be a big deal, but a holiday party that’s going late into the night might require some footwear removal. Besides, who really wants to wear dress shoes and heels for hours on end?

Bonus: If you want to be super extra for your guests, you could host a holiday pajama party and provide them with comfy slippers. Or, consider providing kitschy and cool holiday socks the keep the festivity spirit going.

Keep an eye on the kids…

Even if your neighbor has a super fun Nerf football or rad-looking Segway hanging on their balcony, this doesn’t give kids an automatic pass to use their stuff. Most kids are pretty good about this, but it can be a good thing to watch for, especially if the young ones haven’t visited your place before. More often than not, this comes from a place of curiosity and lack of understanding about boundaries than a place of bad intent.

Bonus: Have extra games, coloring supplies, Legos, and/or some outdoor toys available to keep the kids occupied. This ends up with kids having a great time and the adults having less to worry about—a win for everyone!

…and the pets.

Chances are, the pets that come to your apartment might not exactly have some of the best self-control. Whereas your pooch might know to stay away from the neighbor’s area, other four-legged guests will not. Make sure all pets are being monitored, and don’t hesitate in telling your guests specific places that their animals can and cannot go. After all, their pets are still their responsibility, but you also don’t want your neighbor’s work boots on the front porch to be left with some moderate chewing from your cousin’s chihuahua.

Bonus: Pets, unless they’re service animals (which are very different from pets), are not a necessity. Feel free to tell people to leave their pets at home, while still exercising some flexibility as needed.

Stay at Prairie Grass apartments!

If there’s anything that can make your holiday party etiquette easier, it’s signing a lease with Prairie Grass Living. Our apartments are beautiful, newly-fashioned, and highly equipped to keep up the demands of the holiday season. With our apartments, we have double-walled construction and floor underlayment, adding the soundproofing and structure to make hosting (or your neighbors’ hosting) so much easier. Contact our team to get the best in luxury apartments!