1. Apartment Etiquette Tips for Holiday Parties

    As winter sets in around our Prairie Grass apartment complex and surroundings, we can all feel the excitement (and cold) of everything the season has to bring. Holiday parties and ringing in the new year are always a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends. This might be the first ye…Read More

  2. 5 Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Balcony For The Holidays

    In Pewaukee, wintertime is beautiful. Cold weather brings the best things in Wisconsin: it ushers in the hunting season and lakes freeze over to prepare for ice skating. The holidays are here, and if you’re a purist, you don’t start decorating for the holidays until after Thanksgiving! So, mark …Read More

  3. Celebrate Fall in Pewaukee!

    It’s finally fall here in Wisconsin, which we all know means the colors are simply extraordinary. One of the best things to do during this time is to get out and enjoy all that Pewaukee has to offer, especially considering there are no lack of fun activities for you to partake in. Located in south…Read More